3000 asphalt concrete mixing plant of factory direct sales



Article source: Zhengzhou Jianxin    Release time: 2017-09-07   14:16
       3000 asphalt concrete mixing plant is a kind of asphalt concrete mixing plant equipment of Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd in drawing on foreign advanced technology on the basis of independent development with independent intellectual property rights. There are more positive elements for this equipment including a high degree of automation, accurate measurement, modular design, reasonable structure and compact, easy operation and maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection, which can be widely used in high road asphalt pavement base material production. 

       In particular, the machine adopts the industrial control computer center to control the system. And the measurement system uses the Swiss Tuo LiDuo electronic weighing and weighing sensors to introduce the United States atmospheric blowback bag dust filter bag, the German fuel burner and other advanced equipment. It has more unique characteristics with reasonable structure, excellent performance, accurate calculation, energy efficient, easy to operate and so on. Moreover, it is the construction of high-grade highway at home and abroad, and the production of naive asphalt concrete ideal equipment. But also it fits for the city highway and city municipal companies to build road. 

       The machine is made up of aggregate belt machine, cold material transmission sieve, oblique belt conveyor, heating cylinder system, fuel injection combustion system, dust collector, chain bucket, hot material vibrating screen, aggregate silo, metering bucket stone powder, stone powder metering, asphalt metering, mixing pot, hoist traction rail hoist, finished silo, the central control room,etc. To form a complete mixing process system. To make sure the mixing machine is more compact and easy to operate, especially through the vibrating screen, aggregate storage, aggregate measurement, stone powder metering, asphalt metering, mixing pan to the vertical layout, constituting a reasonable equipment group ----- the mixing building. The machine is controlled by the computer program, but also manual control of the power board.
3000 asphalt concrete mixing plant