Automatic dry mortar equipment



      As a sort of concrete mixing plant equipment, MG automatic dry mortar equipment absorbs the European advanced design concept. To start with, the tank uses tower layout, and the management system implanted the latest modular management technology. Then the man-machine dialogue function greatly enhance the degree of automation. Depending on the configuration, the equipment can produce up to 3-10 million tons per year.

        It is mainly composed of raw material storage system, batching weighing system, conveying system, mixing system, gas balance system, packaging system and dust removal system. The main control system according to the selected process formula issued production instructions, and the system automatically from the storage warehouse by the ratio of raw materials. Moreover, raw materials by weight and then into the no gravity and efficient mixer, to achieve rapid mixing (3-5 minutes ).

        To meet the requirements of the mixing accuracy, the finished mortar is transported to the secondary mixing function with the finished product warehouse  into the automatic filling process. Besides, in terms of the requirements of regular quantitative filling operations, the latest design of the automatic packaging machine complete the task, which greatly improve the output efficiency. Finished products are sent to the finished product area stack, waiting for the factory.