HJC Concrete Mixer Truck

  • Description

    JIANXIN HJC concrete mixer track is mainly composed of mixing cylinder and other ancillary device. Mixing cylinder is adopted high-quality wear-resistant steel plate used as loading container, the inner wall of it welded with a special shape of spiral blade, so that it can loading and unloading concrete independently, when the concrete moves along the spiral direction of the blade, the concrete will be mixed and stirred in the continuous lifting and turning. During the feeding and transporting, mixing cylinder is passing, the concrete moves inward along the blade. When discharging, mixing cylinder reverses, the concrete is discharged out of the blade. The diesel engine drive device is the insurance of mixing drum rotation. The loading is 3-6 cubic meters. Concrete mixing transport truck generally adopted the car engine drives the diesel pump through the power output shaft, and then by the high-pressure oil to promote the diesel motor drive mixing cylinder, if the loading is 9-12 cubic meters, then use vehicle-assisted diesel engines drive diesel pumps to drive diesel motors. The blade is the main component of mixing device, broken or serious wear and tear all will lead concrete mix is uneven. In addition, if the design of the angle of blade is not suitable, it will lead to concrete segregation.



    This machine without dependent on the external power, structure and the center of gravity all adopted optimized design, the overall appearance of nice, running smoothly. 
    2.During the way forward, the mixing cylinder can continue to rotate to avoid bad phenomenon, such as the slurry is discrete and precipitated, so that to insure good quality in the process of slurry in transportation.



    delivery capacity of mixing bin(m³) 6/3
    geometrical area of mixing bin(m³) 8.96/5.05
    loading ratio 0.67/0.67
    the power of the diesel engine(kw) 40.5/15
    mixing bin tational speed(r/min) 5-15/3-11
    inlet height 3.2/3.1
    minimum inlet height(m) 1/1
    overall weight 6000/4000