HYC Concrete Mixing Truck

  • Description

    JIANXIN HYC self-loading concrete mixer truck followed the popular style of Europe and the United States, the modeling of the concrete track is unique appearance and compact, reasonable, the material of the body is adopted special wear-resistant steel plate, so that greatly insure the wear. The mixer cylinder and the car chassis with a u-bolt and a special horn will be firmly integrated into one, then composed into a concrete trucks, its main role is to stir the concrete quickly and timely delivery to the designated location. Structural parts used phosphate process technology, and the use of shot peen pretreatment process; the concrete mixer truck is welded with a special tank tooling fixture, with the use of Panasonic automatic welding machine welding. Painting is full accordance with the luxury bus painting process standard, quality reached the industry leading level.

    1. This concrete transport truck without dependent on the external power, structure and the center of gravity all adopted optimized design, the overall appearance of nice, running smoothly.
    2. The mixer-truck of hydraulic components has use China Telecom backbone enterprises of quality products, mechanical parts are reasonable, easy to operation, stable and reliable performance.
    3. During the way forward, the mixing cylinder can continue to rotate to avoid bad phenomenon, such as the slurry is discrete and precipitated, so that to insure good quality in the process of slurry in transport.



    delivery capacity of mixing bin(m³) 3/6/8/9/10
    loading ratio 0.67
    mixing bin tational speed(r/min) 0-14
    inlet height(m) 3.1/3.2/3.6/3.6/3.6
    minimum inlet hright(m) 1
    overall weight(kg) 4000/6000/8500/9500/10500