High quality of JDC500 concrete mixer



JDC500 one-shaft concrete mixer structure
      AS one of significant small concrete mixer machine, JDC500 concrete mixer is mainly composed of feeding system, stirring device mixing and conveying system, discharging mechanism, water supply system, rack and electrical system, etc. 
1.JDC500 concrete mixer feeding system
     JDC500 concrete mixer feeding system is mainly composed of lifting mechanism, hopper, feeding rack, feeding hopper and other components.
     First of all, put JDC500 mixer required materials into the hopper in order. The hoisting machine of the loading system is started when feeding, so that the wire rope on the reel is pulled up along the feeding rack by the pulley group. As the hopper of JDC500 mixer of concrete mixer machine runs to a certain height, a pair of rollers at the bottom of the folding gate enter the horizontal fork of the feeding rack and the folding gate automatically open the discharge.Then the hopper continue to rise, and the folding gate open to a certain angle when the end of travel switch control motor braking, so hopper stop running. In this time, the material fell into the mixing hopper, while mixing.
2.JDC500 mixer mixing device
     The mixing device of JDC500 concrete mixer is made of the mixing tube, mixing shaft, stirring blade, the shaft seal and other components.
     The mixing drum of JDC500 concrete mixer is integrally welded together, the cylinder is equipped with two kinds of liner. Moreover, the side liner is 12, and arc-shaped lining plate is 77 screws with a simple solid connection. Lining with wear-resistant alloy cast iron with wear resistance and long life, due to the aggregate in the liner contact is not the case. Liner wear is uneven, in order to improve the liner usage time, which is interchangeable.
     JDC500 horizontal mixer at the center of a mixer shaft, which is equipped with two groups of six shaft mixing blades. The two groups of blades are respectively arranged in a left-right spiral shape, and the side blades near the side liner of the cylinder body are connected with an arm analysis of the end of the stirring arm by a bolt. While the root of the stirring arm is connected with a fixing part on the stirring shaft by a bolt . When stirring and rotating, the two groups of mixing blades force the mixed material to do left and right spiral motion, which is namely circular motion and axial motion. This kind of stirring mode is strong and it can be mixed into uniform concrete in a short time.
      Stir the amount of film and the liner should not be less than 4mm, if the wear exceeds this value, which should be adjusted in time to ensure that stirring is always in the normal state.