JDC500 concrete mixer



Article source: Zhengzhou Jianxin   Release time: 2017-09-05   16:32

一.Product advantages

1. The processing center uses all imports of CNC equipment to ensure that the level of product processing;
2. Operating procedures in strict accordance with the ISO9002 standard implementation of strict control of goods;
3. Electric door open the material, to avoid the rotation of the tank out of the residual material defects;
4. Simple operation and easy maintenance due to the use of coupling drive and facilitating the transport of the rack.

二.Product parameters

Nominal capacity: 500 liters 
Theoretical productivity: 25-30m³ / h
Rated feed capacity: 800 liters 
Stirring shaft speed: 27.6
Aggregate maximum particle size (pebble / gravel): 60mm 
Hopper average lifting speed: 19m / min
Mixing time: 30s 
Water supply: time relay
Number of work cycles: 70 / h

三.Product details

1.A feeding system
JDC500 concrete mixer feeding system consists of the lifting mechanism, hopper, feeding frame, feed hopper and other components. The loading frame is made up of track and long track, and the track frame is connected with a stirring cylinder and a frame by bolts. The long track is connected by bolts to the rail frame, which can be removed during transport and storage. Lifting mechanism consists of the brake motor, three gearbox, reel, wire rope and other components. The brake motor ensures that the hopper can be stopped at any position on the load stand at full load.

2. Mixing device
The mixing device of JDC500 concrete mixer is made up of the mixing cylinder, stirring shaft, stirring blade and shaft seal and other components. Mixing cylinder is the overall welding process, and the tube is equipped with two liner. Moreover, there are 12 side liners and 77 arc liners. The head screw is fastened to the cylinder. Liner is wear-resistant alloy cast iron with good wear resistance and long service life.

3. Stirring drive system
The mixing drive system of mixer consists of the motor, mixing gear box, the coupling, and stirring shaft components. The motor is mounted on the end face of the chassis, which drives the power reduction gearbox and the coupling to rotate the stirring shaft.

4. Water supply system
Water supply system of JDC500 mixer is made up of the micro-pump, the end of the valve, suction pipe, gate valve, water pipes and other components.

5. Discharge mechanism
JDC500 concrete mixer discharge mechanism takes advantage of a new type of design high-intensity rack, which is the rolling straight flip fast discharge structur. There are many advantages of it including out fast, discharge material net, and discharge control  without the phenomenon of unrelated door card material.

6. Rack
The chassis of JDC500 concrete mixer consists of the chassis, legs, and walking tire components.

7. Electric control system
The system includes the stirring motor, the lifting brake motor, the micro pump motor worm gear box discharge motor five trip switch and the control box. Furthermore, the control box is installed on the feeding frame on the operation side.
JDC500 concrete mixer