JS1000 Concrete Mixer

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    Introduction of JS1000 concrete mixer:

    JS1000 forced concrete mixer, produced by Zhengzhou JIANIXN, a professional concrete mixing machine factory, is the ideal and advanced machine in the both domestic and abroad, which with the long service life of liner and blade, easy to maintenance and repair. It is suitable for plastic, dry-hard, light aggregate concrete, and various kinds of mortar. This machine is used motorized discharging, it and tip lorry supporting the use. It could be used to mix hard concrete, plastic concrete, liquid concrete, light aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar. It is suitable for large, medium and small precast component factories, roads, bridges, water conservancy, ports, docks and other construction units, and also to form a simple mixing plant with batching machine. 




    1. This machine with reasonable and simple structure, when in the rain and fog weather, after using gear and ring gear meshing can effectively overcome the slip phenomenon of roller and mixer roller.
    2.High efficient---for common concrete, just need 20 seconds to come to a uniform state, the real effectiveness have improved over 20% than general concrete mixer; for high performance concrete, the mixing time just need 35 seconds, the real effectiveness have improved over 50% than common mixer.
    3. Saving energy--- We adopts the design of big space and low capacity utilization rate at any cost, the mixing become more easy dual to the spacious space; the outer ribbon screw blade continuous drive the whole material to form a high speed flow, shock load is small, low energy consumption, compared to traditional mixing host, it can save energy more than 15%.
    4.Durable---The blade is casted by high chromium alloy, and adds to perfect mixing device to improve material flow; that thing has reduced the friction and shock of the gravel to blade, the service life can over sixty thousand cans.

    Js1000 Concrete Mixer



    Model JS1000
    Through-put capacity 1600 L
    Theoretical productivity (m3/h) ≤60
    Mixing blade Speed 19.5r/min
    Mixing motor Model Y180M-4
    Winch motor Model YEZ160L-4
    Water Pump motor Model 80JDB-45
    dimension transportation state 4320*2200*3300
    Total weight (kg) 8700