JS1500 Concrete Mixer

  • Description

    JS1500 concrete mixing station is a medium and large mixer, it main suitable for larger construction projects, and it is a very important building machinery. It is one kinds of forced mixing machine, it not only could mixing dry-hard concrete, but also can mixing light aggregate concrete, is a multi-functional mixer. Jianxin JS1500 concrete mixer has double superiority to do independent operations alone, and to form a simple type concrete mixing station. It could be used to mix the dry-hard concrete, plastic concrete, liquid concrete, light aggregate concrete, and all kinds of gravel. The products are designed with reasonable structure, novel layout and convenient maintenance. In the process of mixing, through the rotation of the rotary shaft to drive the mixing blade on the cylinder material shear, extrusion and reverse rotation and other stirring effect, so that the material fully mixing in opposite strenuous exercise and it also with many advantages such as mixing quality is good, low energy construction, high efficiency.



    1. Twin-shaft compulsory---Forced mixing machine not only can mix dry-hard concrete, but also can mix light aggregate concrete, so that the concrete to achieve a strong stirring effect and mixing evenly.
    2. Adopts pneumatic discharge---The discharge door is on the bottom of mixer, through cylinder can achieve discharge. The location of discharge door opening and closing, by adjusting the location of the seal can ensure that the discharge door seal.
    3. Long service life---Adopts import elements, and the mixing cylinder diameter than the same capacity of the vertical axis of half, so the mixing blade speed is smaller than vertical axis half, and the blade and liner wear small and also with long service life.



    Model JS1500
    Through-put capacity 2400 L
    Theoretical productivity (m3/h) ≤90
    Mixing blade Speed 19.5r/min
    Mixing motor Model Y180L-4
    Winch motor Model YEZ180L-4
    Water Pump motor Model 50DWB20-8A
    dimension transportation state 4720*2200*3000
    Total weight (kg) 11130