JS2000 Concrete Mixer

  • Description

    Introduction of JS2000 concrete mixer

    JS2000 concrete mixer is a machine that use of pressure and let the concrete is continuously transported along the pipe, cement concrete mixer is composed of pump and transport pipe, mainly divided into gate valve concrete pump and s valve concrete pump. According the structure can be divided into piston type, squeeze type, water pressure diaphragm type, the pump is on the bottom of car chassis, and then equipped with retractable or inflected cloth rod, on the composition of the pump, this concrete mixer mainly used to housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction. The JS2000 concrete mixer forced concrete mixer produced by jianxin is in the basis of combination domestic concrete material character and mixing station production character, through 20 years research development experience, combination foreign advanced technology and using the international top materials and carefully formed by the advanced concrete mixer equipment.


    1. Adopted advanced s pipe distribution valve, could automatic compensation wear gap, good sealing performance.
    2. Adopted wear-resistant alloy glasses and floating cutting ring, long service life.
    3. The JS2000 concrete mixer with remote control function, the operation is more safe and convenient. Adopted three pump system, the hydraulic circuits do not interfere with each other.
    4. The concrete conveyor pump with anti-pump function is easy to remove blocking failure at time, and stop waiting for material at a short time.
    5. Long stroke cylinder, extending the service life of the cylinder and piston.
    6. Optimized design of the hopper, easy to clean, better suction performance
    7. Automatic centralized lubrication system to insure that the machine easy to operation.
    8. All the components of the concrete conveyor pump adopted import brands, interchangeable performance. 



    Model JS2000
    Discharging Capacity (L) 2000
    Feeding capacity (L) 3200
    Maximum productivity(m³/h) 100
    Mixing motor Model Y180M-4
    Winch motor Model YEZ160L-4
    Water Pump motor Model 50DWB20-8A
    dimension transportation state 10460*3400*9050
    Total weight (kg) 11100