JS750 cement concrete mixer

  • Description

    Introduction of JS750 concrete mixer :

    JS750 cement concrete mixer is dual-axial forced mixer, the series of products designed to be reasonable, stirring is strong, mixing quality is good, high efficiency, low energy consumption, novel layout, high degree of automation and maintenance convenient, it could be used to mix dry-hard concrete, plastic concrete, liquid concrete and light aggregate concrete and all kinds of gravels. this concrete mixer is an efficient type of machine with very extensive application. 


    detail description of JS750 Concrete Mixer

    Advantage :
    The cylinder and frame is stable, the agitator shaft is no longer to subject the pressure of the material and the tank itself, thus prolonging the service life of the stirring shaft; 
    2.The discharge is adopts electric open door, that avoid the rotation of the tank-type material to keep raw material defects; unloading quickly and clean; 
    3.Maintenance is convenient and save time, the appearance is beautiful;
    4.High production efficiency.

    JS750 Concrete Mixer


    Model JS750
    Through-put capacity 1200L
    Theoretical productivity (m3/h) ≥35m³/h
    Mixing blade Speed 31r/min
    Mixing motor Model Y200L-4
    Winch motor Model YEZ132M-4
    Water Pump motor Model BL18-16-1.1
    Dimension transportation state 3110*2620*2580
    Total weight (kg) 5500