JW Pan Concrete Mixer

  • Description

    Introduction of JW pan concrete mixer:

    At present, JW-200 and JW-375 are the main domestic models,JW-200 type concrete mixer mainly consists of motor, reducer box, stirring device and discharging and other major components. After the electric starts, through the transmission of v-belt, couplings, worm reducing box, then feeding, mixing and discharge. Due to smaller volume, so it quite suitable for underground, mine and other projects to use. JW-375 type concrete mixer is turbo forced mixing machine, it always used to mix hard and half-hard concrete. The host is composed of frame, feeding and discharge mechanism, water supply system, and operation system, transmission mechanism.


    1. The turbo compulsory mixer also with wide range of application, it could be to mix dry-hard concrete, plastic concrete, and light aggregate concrete and to mix mortar. 
    2. The structure is simple; manufacture is convenient; easy to operation, it is conducive to production and maintenance and it not only to mix various kinds of concrete, but also the mixing quality is good. 
    3. It can also save large amount of steel and two rubber wheels, because its low cost, the machine body is light and the technology is mature, so it can adapt to quickly development of construction project and current production.


    Model JW
    Volume 250~1000L
    Feeding Volume(mm) 350~560
    Discharging Volume(mm) 230~320
    Maximum Aggregate Diameter(mm) 40
    Main Shaft Revolution(rpm) 19~45
    Matched Power(KW) 5.5~15
    Stirring Drum (MM)(Diameter*H) Φ1600×2000 (Max)
    Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 1.6*1.6*2 (Max)