JZC300 concrete mixer



Aticle source: Zhengzhou Jianxin  Release time: 2017-09-01 15:41

The JZC300 concrete mixer
 consists of mixing mechanism, feeding mechanism, water supply system, chassis, electrical and other 13 parts.

一.The mixing mechanism
  The mixing mechanism consists of a stirring cylinder, a roller and a transmission system. The stirring cylinder is the working part of the mixer and it is double cone. Moreover, the barrel is welded with two pairs of high and low pieces with the mixing cylinder axis into a certain angle. At the same time, stirring cylinder rotation, the leaves in the material to enhance the fall of stirring cylinder rotation, but also to make the material back to move back. So the stirring is more intense, and stirring 35-45 seconds will reach the homogeneous concrete. Inside the discharge cone of the mixing cylinder, a pair of discharge blades are welded to change the direction of rotation of the stirring cylinder, and the concrete is pushed from the bottom blade to the discharge blade and discharged out of the cylinder. Furthermore, the stirring cylinder is supported by four torches, and the stirring cylinder is rotated by the motor driven of the gear box. Therefore, it is still reliable in the fog and rainy weather.

二. The feeding mechanism
  The feeding mechanism consists of upper hopper, ladder, long track and landing track.The hoisting and hoisting of the hopper is driven by the feed shaft of the gearbox and the wire rope reel. The clutch is controlled by the manual joystick and the upper limit of the hopper, which is automatically disengaged from the clutch by the stopper.

三.The water supply system
  The water supply system consists of motor, water pump, regulating valve and pipeline. The water pump can inject the water directly into the mixing cylinder and adjust the flow of water through the regulating valve (the flow rate has been adjusted at the factory) after the motor is energized. The amount of water required for mixing is achieved by direct control of the pump motor operating time by the time breaker in the electrical box. Users can choose the required time flow relationship to select the required water supply time, and they can be regularly checked or adjusted. There are two start button for water supply. water supply, clicking on the left of a button and the pump starts. The water supply circuit automatically cut off after reaching the specified time. Rotating the right side of the rotary button, pressing the button on the left to realise continuous water supply, and tighten the shunt device nut with the water pipe, which can rinse the appearance of the mixer. Then openning the nut, and it will return to normal water supply.

四. The chassis
  The chassis is welded by 14th channel with two tires and a traction bar in front for trailing use. The front of the disc is also equipped with a front wheel for parking or on a short distance from the ground with the transfer. In the chassis of the four corners with adjustable high and low legs, the legs will be fastened to improve the stability of the machine when the mixer worked. While the car dragged, the front wheel should be turned on the suspension and put the legs in the high position. Positioning with a bolt, and then installing the spring to prevent vibration and bolt drops.
JZC300 concrete mixer