JZC350 Concrete Mixer

  • Description

    Introduction of JZC350 concrete mixer
    JZC series concrete mixer is self-falling double-cone reversing discharge mixer with mixing drum is driven by gear, when stirring, the stirring cylinder is rotation in the forward direction, when discharge, it is reverse rotation. It could be used to mix plastic concrete, half-dry concrete, and suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges and other precast component factories. JZC series mixer is designed and produced according to GB9410-88《Technical condition of concrete mixer》, it with many advantages: Reasonable structure, mixing quality is good, nice appearance, easy to movement, is a advanced machinery.
     1. JZC350 concrete mixer is applicable for the concrete production of general construction sites, road, bridge and concrete compponent factory.
    2. Compact and reasonable structure and nice outlooking.
    3.  Mixing quality is perfect, easy to move.




    Model JZC350
    Discharging capacity 350L
    Feeding capacity 560L
    Productivity 10-14m³/h
    Maximum aggregate size 60mm
    Rotating speed 13r/min
    Water feeding accuracy ≤2%
    Tyre spec 6.50-16
    Total weight (kg) 1610kg