JZM500 Concrete Mixer



Descriptions of JZM500 Concrete Mixer
JZM500 Concrete Mixer, also known as friction type 500 mixer, which is a rubber roller friction drive mixer with these kinds of advantages including small noise, smooth operation, mobile convenience, good mixing quality, high production efficiency. In addition, it belongs to a mixing, and reversing the material-type concrete mixer of small concrete mixer machine, which can be mixed plastic and semi-rigid concrete. In general, it is suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges and hydropower projects, especially suitable for urban residential areas of construction. Therefore, it is a type of equipment between the forced mixer and the civil mixer.
Jianxin Machinery JZM500 series of friction to enhance the roller concrete mixer driven by the tug friction. The machine belongs to double cone, inverted discharge, and mobile concrete mixer. And plasticity and low mobility of concrete can be mixed. Mixing drum discharge capacity is 0.35 cubic meters. Each mixing cycle is 100 seconds, and hourly productivity is 12 cubic meters. 
Main Advantages of JZM500 Concrete Mixer
1.The friction concrete mixer drive in different ways, friction concrete mixer drum is by four rubber tug friction drive, the effect is less noise.
2.The friction concrete mixer feeding method is different, which is different from JZC series of climbing bucket roller concrete mixer. Furthermore, the friction concrete mixer feeding method is to enhance the feeding, in order to ensure the efficiency and quality of feeding. Besides, JZM friction concrete mixer hopper is equipped with a separate motor to protect the speed of its feeding.
3.The friction concrete mixer is the lifting of the material with different uses of concrete, so it can be used with the concrete mixer machine, this point JZC climbing drum type concrete mixer can not be done.