JZM750 Concrete Mixer



       To a large extent, JZM750 concrete mixer is a new type of small concrete mixer machine with small noise. JZM750 concrete mixer uses rubber friction rolling design, and it’s not easy to skid, which can be widely used in a variety of highways, bridges, water conservancy and other projects. Moreover, it’s really suitable for the demand in the vicinity of residential construction projects.
       In addition, JZM750 concrete mixer is also known as friction type 750 mixer, which is relying on rubber roller friction drive mixer. And the mixer is the positive rotary stirring and reverse the discharge of the drum concrete mixer. It can be stirred by plastic and semi dry rigid concrete. Furthermore, it is a type of equipment between a forced mixer and a civilian mixer.

The driving mode of JZM750 concrete mixer is tug-driven friction drive. It is different from the conventional JZC type mixer.
First, the JZM type concrete mixer drive way is different and unique, and the JZM type concrete mixer mixing drum is driven by 4 rubber tug friction with small noise.
Second, the feeding method is different. In general, compared with JZC series of bucket drum-type concrete mixer, the feeding way of the friction concrete mixer is to improve the feeding. And JZM friction-type concrete mixer on the hopper has a separate motor, which can guarantee the feeding speed.
Third, it is different in the collocation use. The friction-type concrete mixer on the material is lifting way, so it can be used with concrete batching machine. However, JZC climbing bucket drum concrete mixer can not do in this point.


Discharge capacity Discharge capacity  750L 
Feed capacity  1200L
Productivity 30-35m3 / h
Mixing drum speed  12.26 r / min
The largest aggregate size  80mm
Water supply accuracy Error≤2%
Mixing motor  2 × 7.5KW
Elevate motor  7.5KW
Pump motor  1.1KW
Tire specifications  750-16
The maximum tow speed 20km / h