JZR350/JZR500 Concrete Mixer

  • Description

    Introduction of JZR350/JZR500 concrete mixer

    Diesel concrete mixer is horizontal machine; it contains the power mechanism that it is connection of shaft and transmission mechanism and rollers driven by transmission mechanism. In the roller body has equipped with ring gear, and on the transmission shaft equipped with gear which is meshing with ring gear. This machine is belong to discharge from the falling concrete mixer, when stirring, the stirring cylinder is rotating in the forward direction, when discharge, it is reverse rotation.


    1.  This machine with reasonable and simple structure, when in the rain and fog weather, after using gear and ring gear meshing can effectively overcome the slip phenomenon of roller and mixer roller. 
    2. It has many advantages such as structure is simple and reliable, mixing quality is good, high efficiency, weigh is light, easy to maintenance, 
    3. It is an advanced concrete mixing machine, because it equipped with diesel power, so it could be more suitable for no electric source, field, remote areas.



    Model JZR350 JZR500
    Type Self-falling Self-falling
    Towing Two-towing wheels Two-towing wheels
    Capacity of loading 560L 750L
    Capacity of discharging 350L 500L
    Capacity of water tank 110L 140L
     Power 11.3kw 14.7kw
    Operation dimensions 4050*2150*2950mm 5200*2250*2950mm
    Total weight (kg) 2050 3050