LB asphalt mixing station



Article source: Zhengzhou JianXin      Release time: 2017-09-28    16:44

       As one of the unique concrete mixing plant equipment, the asphalt mixture mixing equipment produced by Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd plays an essential role in construction site. In general, the production capacity is from 80 tons per hour to 400 tons. And the equipment adopts modular design with easy installation and maintenance, removal and fast transportation.

      The complete set of equipment can be manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic control. These controls are done by industrial PC / PLC. There are the formula input, automatic drop correction, asphalt dynamic tracking, automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and real-time printing and other functions.

      Inertial + pulsed bag filter, which ensures a strict environmental standards. Moreover, the dust can be recycled. The environmental noise and dust emissions are within the national industry standards, which is applicable to urban and field construction. Energy-saving equipment of the total installed power is low. And the production of fuel consumption per ton of fuel consumption is less than 6.5kg, saving energy for users to create considerable economic benefits. Dosing system of the silos are used to control the frequency of the motor belt feeder. To use sets of hardened surface reducer with compact institutions. Special anti-wear design with wear-resistant ribbed belt, which is safe, reliable, and long life. Equipped with a broken alarm system.

      The vibrating screen takes advantage of German technology called a double vibration axis linear sieve. Double vibration shaft placed outside the sieve body, using  European technology with oil immersion lubrication mode, and maintenance is very convenient. Screen fastening uses fast hook spring tension, so that the replacement of the screen is fast and convenient. There is a thermal insulation system for insulation, and stone adopts a secondary weighing method to achieve the material called a fine. It is equiped with automatic splash error correction control method to effectively reduce the splash difference. The stirrer is powered by European technology with double hardened gear reducer motor drive and gear synchronization. The scale load sensor is the import sensor and weighing high precision, to meet the requirements of any level of the road. Rotary unloading door is controlled by the double cylinder and the discharge time is short to achieve good sealing effect. Liner take advantage of high-strength wear-resistant cast iron, and the life is up to 105 batches of mixing.

      Dust removal system uses German technology, which is collected with a gravity filter and two bags of dust, fully saving the area. Using the United States DuPont NOMEX materials made of filter bags, and its dust concentration is less than 25mg / Nm3. In addition, the system is equipped with an overtemperature protection system.