MPC Planetary Concrete Mixer

  • Description

    Introduction of MPC planetary concrete mixer

    MPC planetary concrete mixer is vertical planetary concrete mixer.Planetary mixer is a kind of new high efficient and no dead spots mixing device, it with unique, novel mixing type, in the kettle, there have two or three multi-layer blade blender, and 1~2 automatic scraper, while the mixing machine is revolution around the axis of kettle, the planetary is high speed rotation at different rotating speed around oneself axis, that make materials go on complex movement in the kettle. But follow the developed of demand, planetary mixing machine has add to other stirrer, such as various kinds of disperse paddle, emulsifier and so on. It has supply multifunction application and expands the scope to use.


    1. The host adopts the design of planetary gear reducer, low noise, high efficiency, and it could be save power use and reduce the space of device. 

    2. High efficiency, the mixing principle haves decide the mixing efficiency is more than other common mixer.

    3. Wide range of application, the research has shown that planetary mixer can be applied to the viscosity of 100 million pcs and solid content of 90% or less of the majority of materials, with various kinds of stirrer and other assist device, this machine can replace majority of common mixing machine in the market.



    Model MPC
    Discharge capacity 500L~2000L
    Feeding capacity  750L~3000L
    Rated mixing power 18.5kw~75kw
    Hydraulic discharge power 2.2kw~4kw
    Lifting power 5.5kw~22kw
    Lifting capacity 870L~3480L
    Lifting speed 0.25m/s
    Dimension (L*W*H) 3625*3230*2630 (Max)