Cement Silo_cement storage silo

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     Description of cement silo
    Our company provides all kinds of capacity tonnage of the sheet cement silo, piece of cement silo. It is suitable for storing bulk materials such as grains, cement, powder and fly-ash. Material level system is installed in the silo, which can show the position of materials. Sheet cement silo and piece of cement silo can greatly solve those problems such as export packing difficulties, the scene of the cylinder difficult, difficult to transfer and transport ultra-wide and high. Cement silo all comply with industry standards. Discharging height is 1.96 meters and 4.2 meters or processing production according to the requirement of users.

    1. Dust removing system: top of the cement silo equipped with electric dust removing device, can effectively absorb the suspended particles in the silo, to reduce the pollution of the surrounding environment.
    2. Arch breaking device: the upper of the silo with a inflatable arches, The use of small air in the gas control box to control the release of compressed air for cement and a variety of powder broken arch, to prevent power caking, cause clogging.
    3. Equipped with arch breaker to avoid material accumulation and blockage.




    Model Cement Silo
    Silo diameter 2.5-3m³
    Silo height 4.8-11.4m
    Total height 11.4-18m
    Matched mixer JD series
    Matched screw LYS series