HBTS60 concrete mixer pump



Main Features
Porter Heavy Industry HBTS60/HBTS80 concrete mixer pump as one of unique mini concrete mixer pump, which is widely used in urban construction, buildings, roads, bridges, electricity, energy and other construction projects of concrete conveying equipment. The concrete mixer machine uses the form of the world’s advanced technology including hydraulic circuit, distribution valve automatic compensation clearance, constant power control, hydraulic automatic reversing and electro-proportional control technology, etc. It is in the international famous brand HBT60 based on the improvement of the international leading level of the next generation of products.
Unique Advantages
1.Porter Heavy Industry HBTS60 type drag concrete conveying pump, which absorbs the domestic and foreign drag pump technical essence in its gestation process, and using a large number of new technology. To make it have many special advantages.
2.Excellent technical performance, and its main performance parameters are higher than any of the same type of products at home and abroad. Moreover, 13MPa of
high delivery pressure gauges and 68m3/h pumps are unmatched by any of the same types of products.
3.Taking advantage of high configuration to ensure high performance, and its main configuration all adopt the world famous enterprise advanced product, which represents the highest level of current international concrete pump configuration.
4.All hydraulic components are used world-renowned brand products: imported Kawasaki hydraulic pump, the United States sunny hydraulic Valves and pike seals and so on, making the machine safe, reliable, and long service life. Even if the use of 32MPa this kind of high-pressure, oil leakage phenomenon will not appear. 
5. The main electrical components are Japan Mitsubishi, Japan Omron, France Schneider and other company products. Using PLC control, and selected with a text display, so that you feel particularly convenient when operating.
6. The main oil pump uses the liquid control and the electric proportional control technology. The electricity proportion passes through the operation button, which can realize the stepless adjustment of the concrete conveying quantity, and the liquid control realizes stepless regulation through the speed regulating valve.
7. It adopts full hydraulic commutation, smooth and reliable commutation with small impact.
8. Taking advantage of open hydraulic circuit, which is easy to become cool oil (general oil temperature is around 55 ℃), equipped with high-precision filter and Mobil hydraulic oil. Maintaining the cleanliness of hydraulic oil is above in the NAS8 level, which greatly reduce the failure rate.
9. Equipped with high and low voltage module switching function, the module 90 ℃ steering, which can be in high-pressure, and low pressure pumping state
switch freely. 
10. The distribution valve is a compensating s-tube valve, which can automatically compensate the wear clearance of the cutting ring and prolong the service life.