HBT series of concrete pump



        As one of concrete mixer machine, the HBT series concrete pump hydraulic system uses the double separate open loop. And the work is stable with high system efficiency and good heat dissipation. The main pump can be selected according to the user’s request Rexroth (original import Rexroth, Chinese manufacture Rexroth), original import Harvey, original imported Japanese Kawasaki, the original imported Korea Kawasaki, the domestic well-known brand main pump, etc. Furthermore, the valve group can select the import valve group and the domestic valve group according to the user high reliability and scientific and reasonable arrangement of sealing parts connection system. 
        Besides, taking advantage of the automatic mandatory central lubrication system, each lubrication point of oil on the need for reasonable distribution, at all times to maintain  damage parts. PLC programmable control, using low voltage control technology, the remote control operation, and disk operation arbitrary selection, which is safe and reliable.
1. Power system
a. The main power can be chosen by the user;
b. Diesel power can choose the world famous brand according to user demands -- Germany Deutz, Volvo, Weichai, etc. And selecting the domestic brand motor.
c. The main oil pump selects the world famous brand product -- Germany Rexroth, Germany Harvey (HAVE) original import; and the domestic main pump of Rexroth. 
2. Hydraulic system
a. The variable diameter design of the material mouth ends can release the concrete’s variable-diameter pressure in the conveying pipe and reduce the wear-resisting life of the “S” tube outlet. At the same time, using the French connection between the variable diameter pipe and the outlet, which effectively reduces the shock and vibration of the pump and eliminates the hidden trouble of the clamp-type connection.
b. Large torque mixing system is not only large, but also it’s easy disassembly of the agitator shaft design, which greatly facilitate the customer’s maintenance. The mixing blades take advantage of wear-resistant alloy three-surface surfacing technology to ensure its high life.
c. Pump displacement stepless regulation: According to the specific conditions of construction, so that the pump speed to achieve stepless regulation. Change pump displacement, to meet different working conditions.
3. Electronic control system                 
The humanized, intelligent electronic control system, and optimized man-machine interface in order to make man-machine integration, and it’s easy to operate. In addition, the intelligent control keeps accurate monitoring of the machine, while the text shows the working state of the machine, and timely giving Ross. The optimized interlock design can effectively prevent misoperation, and set up a variety of automatic protection modes, such as preventing the diesel engine from carrying start, refusing misoperation and strengthening the reliability of the system.