PLD2400 Batching Machine



Introduction of PLD2400 Batching Machine
As one of vital concrete mixer machine equipment, PLD2400 batching machine is divided into one-way and two-way, which can complete automatically sand, stone, cement and other materials ingredients according to the user’s concrete proportion. PLD2400 batching machine and the corresponding model combination, which can form a variety of different forms, different specifications of the combined concrete batching plant.
In general, PLD2400 batching machine is a sort of efficient and intelligent concrete equipment of Jianxin Machinery company after years of research and domestic construction needs of the actual situation. PLD2400 gravel batching machine batching bucket capacity is 2400L, and the theoretical productivity is 120 cubic meters per hour. It is mainly used in mixing station, and concrete construction industry, in order to replace the artificial platform scale or volume metering and other methods. In a word, it is equipped with high precision, high distribution efficiency, automatic degree of higher characteristics, which is fully automatic concrete mixing plant equipment in the complete sets of the main ingredients.
PLD2400 Batching Machine of Jianxin Performance Advantages
1.PLD2400 batching machine of Jianxin Machinery has high weighing precision.
2.Good performance weighing sensor with accurate and stable weighing accurate.
3. Smooth delivery, to ensure normal feeding.
4. The belt head is equipped with a block cover, which effectively prevent the sprinkling material.
5. The tail is equipped with screw tensioning device, which can adjust the tension of the belt at any time, and it is convenient and fast.
6. In the sand bin and the side wall of the sand scale bucket, which are equipped with vibrators with fast weighing and quick unloading and other advantages. Taking advantage of loaders or belt conveyor material on the gravel batching device, which can cooperate with the cement warehouse and other equipment used together. Besides, this function can effectively guarantee the accuracy of cement, sand, gravel, etc. And using electronic weighing system to further improve the accuracy of weighing.
7. The top panel of concrete batching machine can be reduced or removed on demand, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the feeding part and increase the convenience of construction.