PLD3200 Batching Machine



Introduction of PLD3200 Batching Machine
PLD3200 Batching Machine is a new type of concrete mixing plant equipment, which is made up of high quality raw materials and imported electronic weighing system. It is based on the production experience of PLD batching machine in many years, combined with domestic and foreign advanced PLD3200 concrete batching machine. There are a series of advantages including reasonable layout, compact structure, simple operation, accurate ingredients and reliable control, etc. The batching bucket capacity of PLD3200 concrete batching machine is 3200L, the ingredient type is 2-5 kinds, the theoretical productivity is 160 cubic meters per hour, the maximum weighing value is 5000kg, the feeding height is 2300mm, and the feeding belt speed is 1.25 meters per second.
Working Principle of PLD3200 Batching Machine
Aggregates from the batching station aggregate bin unloading door unloading the raw material metering bucket, metering after unloading to the flat belt, a flat belt sent to the oblique belt machine, oblique belt conveyor to the top of the mixer to wait for the hopper. Meanwhile, cement and fly ash are from the screw conveyor to their respective metering bucket. The water and admixtures are pumped into the metering bucket by pump and admixture respectively. After the measurement of various materials, the control system issued instructions to start feeding to the mixer in order to stir. After the stirring, open the mixer’s unloading door, the concrete unloading hopper unloaded to the stirring transport, and then into the next work cycle.
PLD3200 Separate Metering Batching Machine Scope of Application
PLD3200 Batching Machine according to the set concrete mix ratio automatic proportioning, generally applies to construction sites, roads, bridges and other projects, which is a variety of industrial and civil engineering, middle and small construction sites and prefabricated plant production of high-quality concrete ideal equipment.
PLD3200 batching machine uses high-quality raw materials and imported electronic weighing system produced by the new type of concrete batching equipment, with reasonable layout, compact structure, easy to operate, accurate ingredients, reliable control and other advantages.