PLD800 concrete batching machine for sale



PLD800 series concrete mixer is a kind of equipment for automatic PLD batching machine in the foreground with mixer together. According to the user's design, which can automatically complete 3-6 kinds of materials (grade two concrete) such as sand, stone, and cement batching program. The series of products take advantage of electronic weighing, computer control, digital display, and cable remote control operation. Including these advantage such as weighing accurate, high precision batching, fast, powerful control function, and convenient operation, etc. This series of concrete mixer and related concrete mixer, which can form different types and specifications of concrete mixing station.
• Automatic completion of gravel proportioning measurement.
• The control system consists of a controller and a strong electric part.
• The controller has the characteristics of high precision, fast reaction speed, stable and reliable performance, strong anti-interference ability and easy operation.
• It can control the specified proportional time and automatically accumulate total time.
• The customer can choose the quantity of the batching box according to different use.
• This series of products use electronic weighing, and digital display.