Vertical axis planetary mixer



To start with, the transmission device
Transmission: The drive is driven by the motor to drive the hardened surface reducer (patented product) specially designed by Zhengzhou Jianxin machinery company. Installing the elastic coupling or hydraulic coupler between the motor and the reducer. Furthermore, the gear box absorbs the European advanced technology design by our company. And it has a completely independent intellectual property rights. There are more features including low noise, torque, durability, and strong for the newly developed gear box. Even in harsh production conditions, the power balance also can be effectively distributed to the mixing device, so as to ensure the normal operation of the mixer, and to achieve the purpose of high stability, low maintenance costs and to  run more reliable.

Secondly, the movement trajectory
The rotation of the stirring blades is determined by in-depth research and continuous testing, so that the vertical axis planetary mixer can obtain the maximum productivity without stirring in the agglomerates of various particle sizes and specific gravity. The movement of the material in the mixing cylinder is smooth and continuous. When the revolving body rotates for one week, the trajectory of the stirring blade covers the entire agitator.

Thirdly, observe the mouth
Check the door with an observation port, which can continue to work in the state of the mixer to observe the normal work of the situation when mixing the material.

Fourthly, the mixing device
By the installation of the mixer tube with a blade in the rotation of the planet when the material squeeze, flip and other composite action for mixing. The mixing blade is designed as a parallelogram structure, so the customer can re-use according to the actual use of wear conditions 180 ° rotation, which is effectively improve the blade utilization and life. Moreover, designed a special discharge scraper for the discharge speed in order to improve productivity.

Fifthly, the discharge device
According to the different requirements of customers, it can be used pneumatic and hydraulic approaches switching unloading door. The number of discharge doors can be opened up to three, and there is a special sealing device to ensure its seal firmly and reliable control in the discharge gate design.

Sixthly, hydraulic pump station
Specially designed hydraulic pump station, which can meet the requirements of the mixer with multiple discharge doors and manual discharge function. It can be manually open the discharge door in the emergency situations.

Seventhly, access door safety device
In order to improve the safety of customers to use the product, all of the maintenance doors use high reliability. And high sensitivity of the security switch is safe.

Eighthly, nozzle
According to years of accumulated experience in the industry, the water system uses a spiral spray nozzle with spray coverage area. It effectively prevents the material clogging nozzle to make the material mixing more uniform.