WBZ300 stable soil mixing station



Article source: Zhengzhou Jianxin   Release time: 2017-08-17   15:23

         The WBZ300 stabilized soil mixing plant production line is a kind of economic and practical stable soil mixing equipment. It is widely used in high-grade highway, urban road, runway, wharf, sports ground and other basic materials construction. The product structure is mature, with the advantage of variety specifications complete, stable and reliable quality performance. It has a high reputation in the market since the production in 1991 with its strong technical foundation, superior product quality, customer satisfaction. Moreover, the products spread all over the country, and market share is nearly 80%. In addition, our products exported to the Philippines, Afghanistan, Africa and other countries.

WBZ300 stable soil mixing plant production line main control system:
1.Ingredients supply system: sub-hopper, speed variable frequency measuring belt machine, belt conveyor.
2.Cement supply system: cement silo (cement bucket), speed variable frequency metering impeller feeder, spiral electronic conveyor.
3.Automatic water supply system: pressure tank, submersible pump, pipe, pressure reducing valve, water flow meter, sprinkler.
4.Mixing system: motor reducer, double horizontal shaft continuous linerless mixer.
5.Storage silo device system: double unloading storage silo, oblique belt machine, air compressor.
6.Electrical system: operating control cabinet, operating room.
7.Metering control system: Taiwan host and Switzerland multi-electronic force sensor, frequency control, PCC control (manual and automatic) two forms.
8.The machine is equipped with bulk cement warehouses, including screw conveyors. If it needs bagged cement hopper, it can be allocated according to user's needs.

WBZ300 stable soil mixing station