WBZ400 stabilized soil mixing plant



Product introduction
Jianxin WBZ400 stabilized soil mixing plant production line equipment is to mix a variety of mixed materials to make a stable soil. It includes: cement silo, metering and conveying equipment, and mixing equipment. The structure layer of cement stabilized soil should be organized in late spring and high temperature season. The minimum temperature for the construction period shall be above 5 ℃. In frozen areas, and it shall be completed half a month to one months before the arrival of the 1th heavy freeze ( -3~-5℃).
WBZ400 stabilized soil mixing plant host takes advantage of double horizontal shaft continuous type without liner stirring host, which is easy to maintain, mix evenly, and high production efficiency. Moreover, the ingredients use electronic weighing or volume measurements with accurate and reliable measurement, and the ratio is rapidly changed. The computer control system carries on the management to the whole course, which has the manual and the automatic choice. The operation is convenient, and the reliability is good. 
Speed adjustment uses the international advanced frequency conversion or electromagnetic speed control mode, which is able to segment consumption with stepless speed regulation, which fully ensure the reliability of equipment operation. Intelligent turbine flowmeter for water supply is accurate calculation and intuitive display. Aggregate and finished material conveyor adopts seamless vulcanization joint annular tape or large angle waveform edge belt with compact structure, stable operation, and it’s not easy to run, which effectively improves the life of the belt. In addition, the aggregate storehouse uses the building block type or the modular combination, which suits the demand of different grade.
Performance feature
1. The host performance is advanced and the mixing barrel capacity is big so that it mixes the material evenly, and the productivity is high.
2. The proportion of aggregate ingredients use electromagnetic speed belt conveyor, and volume measurement with the proportion of change quickly.
3. The control system has the manual, and the automatic choice with convenient operation and good reliability. The operation of the components in the control platform centralized control, the entire equipment is equipped with only one operator.
4. The speed regulation takes advantage of electromagnetic speed control, reducing energy consumption with stepless speed regulation.
5. The aggregate and the finished material transportation uses advanced seamless vulcanization joint annular tape. And the operation is stable, reliable, and it’s not easy to run slants.
6. The aggregate storehouse uses the building block type combination, which suits the demand of different gradation.
7. The machine has a modular structure, and it’s easy to install.