WBZ500 stabilized soil mixing plant



Product Description:
WBZ500 stabilized soil mixing plant production line equipment developed by Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery has undergone many years of testing and actual case identification, which is characterized by excellent performance, advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable work, easy to use, easy maintenance, high productivity, accurate ratio, mixing and other characteristics. And it is widely used in large and medium-sized construction, road and bridge engineering and the production of concrete products of the prefabricated plant. Furthermore, it is the construction unit of the ideal basic materials and equipment.
In general, WBZ500 stabilized soil mixing station mainly consists of aggregate batching system, water supply system, stirring system, powder batching system, finished material conveyor, finished material storage bin, gas circuit system, electric control system and other components. In addition, the stabilized soil mixing plant is mainly used for the construction of the stabilized materials at the base of high-grade highway, city road, airport, port and other projects.
The WBZ500 stabilized soil batching plant has the following characteristics:
1. The host performance is advanced, and the mixing barrel capacity is big with even mixing material and high productivity.
2. The proportion of aggregate ingredients use electromagnetic speed belt conveyor and volume measurement, and the proportion is changing quickly.
3. The control system has the manual, the automatic choice with convenient operation and good reliability. The operation of the components in the control platform centralized control, and the entire equipment is equipped with only one operator.
4. Speed regulation takes advantage of electromagnetic speed control, reducing energy consumption with stepless speed regulation.
5. The aggregate, and the finished material transportation uses the advanced seamless vulcanization joint annular tape so that the operation is stable, reliable, and it’s not easy to run slants.
6. The aggregate storehouse adopts the  nimble building block type combination, which suits the demand of different gradation.
7. The whole machine is a modular structure, which is convenient for installation, disassembly and transportation.