Twin shaft concrete mixer in India for sale

Product Description 
Jianxin Machinery twin shaft concrete mixer is the first in the industry to use a mixer dedicated machine to ensure the accuracy of concentric. The parallel degree, horizontal degree and coaxial degree of the two axle four ends of the nine-axis forced concrete mixer in Jianxin are tightly sealed, which effectively guarantees the quality of the concrete mixer.
Product Details
1.It is equipped with multiple shaft end sealing protection device and wind pressure sealing protection device, which effectively eliminates the phenomenon of leaking slurry.
2.Unique concrete mixer monitoring system can monitor gearbox, discharge pump, electric lubricating oil pump working state at any time.
3.Equipped with special electric lubricating oil pump, and the exclusive use of four independent pump core to four shaft head direct oil, which do not need to use shunt valve.
4.Multi-pipe multi-channel water spraying system, and the moisture can be evenly sprayed.
5.Heavy design with stable operation.
6.Optional mixer weighing protection system and microwave humidity measurement system.
7.There are the sort of optional capacity specifications including 0.5m3, 0.75m3, 1.5m3, 1.5m3, 2.0m3, 3.0m3, 4.0m3, etc.