Mobile concrete mixing plant for sale

Product Descriptions
Mobile concrete mixing plant is a new type of concrete mixing station, which is used for feeding, weighing, lifting and stirring, and be ready to go at any time. The design of the batching plant is compact, and the most functions of the stirring station can be completed on a trailer chassis. Moreover, the movement and installation are really fast, which is suitable for construction occasions with short construction period, long construction line and frequent transitions.
Product Advantages
1.Easy disassembly and convenient transition
☆ In addition to screw conveyor, cement silo and other peripheral components, it needs not be removed for mobile concrete plants, be equipped with 30 tons of cranes in just one day to remove the shift.
☆ When installing, for instance, the ground is flat and the solid does not need the foundation. And it can be produced during the whole day, which is very suitable for the period of tight units.
☆ The mixing station is equipped with tyre and traction pin, the maximum allowable speed of towing is 60 km/h. As the trailer is moved, all attachments are removed at once.
2.Good stirring performance
☆ Forced double horizontal shaft mixer, which can achieve high-quality mixing effect during the shortest mixing time.
☆ For dry and hard, semi-rigid, plastic and a variety of matching concrete, which can be completed evenly good mixing.
3.High reliability and convenient operation
☆ Mixer engine reducer, metering sensor and control system of the core components are internationally renowned brand components. Therefore, the equipment failure rate is particularly low, and equipment metering accuracy is extremely high.
☆ The whole machine is computer control, both automatic operation can also be manual operation with simple operation, and easy to master.
☆ Dynamic panel display, which can clearly understand the operation of the parts, at the same time can store, and print report data, for production scheduling management provides a great convenience.