How to work about the aggregate weighing system?

Article source: Zhengzhou Jianxin    Release time: 2017-07-25   16:30

        To be honest, as one of the essential equipment of concrete mixing station, the aggregate weighing system usually plays a significant role during the operation. Consequently, how to work about the aggregate weighing system of concrete mixing station equipment? Generally speaking, the mixing of the concrete is actually very simple. In an age without mechanical equipment, the human can also mix concrete and they only need to master all kinds of material ratio. While with the development and progress of the times, the modernization of the concrete demand is huge, and there are a variety of different users with special demand about concrete. Therefore, the performance of concrete needs to use efficient, professional, and automated concrete mixing station equipment.

        In the concrete mixing station equipment operation process, the measurement of various materials is automatic. First of all, the metering system measures the amount required for the current agitation according to the procedure programmed by the computer and then enters the host computer via the conveying system for mixing. The aggregate weighing system of the concrete mixing plant is completed taking advantage of the weight accumulating method by means of weighing scales and weighing hoppers. Through the high-precision sensor to obtain the weighing information, and then transmitted to the control host. Furthermore, to achieve the measured value by the control system, stopping the measurement of quality by the control system, and the measurement will complete aggregate transmission to the host.

        Concrete mixing plant equipment of Zhengzhou Jianxin Manufacture Co.,LTD takes advantage of programmable control system, which can be set in the control of various types of concrete on the proportion of concrete program, sending in the material storage system into the corresponding material, so you could automatically mix the production of different types of concrete.