Problems in concrete mixing plant of ready - mixed concrete

Aticle source: Zhengzhou Jianxin       Release time: 2017-08-03   

        In general, concrete mixing plant has been considered to be “dirty, chaotic, poor” non-civilized enterprises. In the production of concrete, producing waste water, waste and noise pollution constantly, and the development of eco-friendlyenvironment deviated from the city, which makes the development of commercial concrete facing new challenges. At present, all over the country has started construction of green concrete mixing plant, and becoming a major initiative afterurban bulk cement development pattern including ready mix concrete batching plant, bulk cement, ready-mixed mortar “trinity”. Therefore, the construction of modern green-type mixing plant to promote the development of ready-mixed concrete hasesential practical significance.

一. Serious pollution
        Commercial concrete enterprises have opened up the construction industry’s efficient and environmental industrial modernization road. However, the commodity concrete industry is a low threshold, high energy consumption and polluting industries, resulting in a series of serious environmental problems. Mainly reflected in: ① Dust pollution. It’s easy to produce dust in the process of the gravel aggregate storage, transportation, stacking and loading machine shovel material, and causing dust pollution; ② Waste water discharge. In addition to the production of waste water, it will also produce the largest waste water cleaning the mixing equipment and transport vehicles. According to incomplete statistics, it produces about 0.8m3 of wastewater with the production of 1m3 of concrete. Neverthless, many concrete mixing plants do not carry out special treatment or recycling of waste water, but in the approach of direct emissions, which causes serious pollution for the surrounding environment; ③ Solid waste. In the production of mixing plant, every day a large amount of solid waste will be produced. Recently, the comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste and the treatment rate in the mixing plant is low, and the majority is only open dumping, which leads to the increase of industrial solid waste capacity. Not only can it take up a lot of land, and even make the water of the storage site has been seriously polluted; ④ Noise pollution. Under normal circumstances, the mixing station mixer and transport vehicles are in the 24 hours of non-stop operation, which prones to excessive noise. Thus, affecting the employees and the surrounding residents of the normal production and life.

二. The information level is low
       Since the 21st century, the rapid development of information technology, which has penetrated into all walks of life and promote the development and transformation of the industry for enterprises to bring a huge economic benefits. An enterprise is called a high-tech enterprise, in addition to the research and development capabilities of new products, but also it needs to have a modern mode of operation and management platform. To a large extent, it can integrate the existing management, design, production, and management. Moreover, to provide effective and accurate data information for enterprise decision-making in good time, that is, to achieve enterprise information. However, the existing mixing station in the operation of the lower level of information. Besides, the company can not share the internal information resources, and the departments of poor communication is mainly rely on telephone, walkie-talkie, paper and even face to face to communicate. It’s difficult to standardize the business management. As a production enterprise, the production of commodity concrete company's core is related to the quality department, production department, operation department, transportation department and other major departments. In the daily production, which needs the departments in close coordination and coordination. Because the traditional management model information level is low and the problem is more prominent, which prones to scheduling failure and transport errors, and affecting the production schedule, or leading to quality accidents.

三. Standardized construction is not taken seriously
       Enterprise standardization is made for the production, management within the framework of the best order, to develop a common and the use of rules for the actual or potential problems. For the construction and management of green concrete mixing plant, standardization is an indispensable part, which can be applied to the production, development, design, and management, etc. And it is a very effective working methods. However, the standardization work is not perfect. For a long time, the enterprise standardization work mainly depends on the will of the government. This mode ignores the subjective initiative and the needs of the market, which leads to the "passive", "negative", and " backward "situation.