How to re-use mobile concrete mixing plant?

       In general, maybe mobile concrete mixing plant production line cannot be used in accordance with the production arrangements for a long time. However, we can not place it directly there when it is not in use. It needs to be cleaned and disassembled accordingly, and then properly resettled. Therefore, what exactly should be done?
Firstly, we need to clean the batching silos in mobile concrete mixing plants to keep its interior dry and tidy.
Secondly, people should classify and arrange the materials in the material storage system. Furthermore, in winter, it’s necessary to pay attention to antifreeze measures.
Thirdly, for concrete mixing station screw conveyor and dust collector, we need to first clean the equipment, check and maintain, and then placed in a dry place.
Fourthly, open-air placement needs to avoid the erosion of rain and snow.
Fifthly, in addition, we need to clean the biaxial forced mixers of mobile concrete batching plant and apply lubricant to the bearings.
       In short, it is necessary to do the corresponding work for the concrete mixing plant production line in the long term as it is not used. In addition, to keep its corresponding inspection in the case of non-applicable time, in order to provide a good basis for future operation.