How to check the newly bought small concrete mixer truck?

What is the newly bought small concrete mixer truck inspection standard? First of all, the mixer truck is industrial transport vehicles, and the new truck inspection standard is very essential. Then we will see what kind of inspection requirements of small concrete mixer truck.
First, small concrete mixer truck mixing system inspection provisions: 
1.The cylinder and the supporting wheel contact should be good, and it should not run deviation, movement and serious deformation. 
2.Mixing drum rack buffer should not be cracked or damaged. Moreover, the mixing drum blades, feed hopper, main auxiliary unloading trough should not be seriously wear and deformation. 
3.Mixing drum, feed hopper and main auxiliary discharging trough should not have obvious concrete accumulation block.
Second, the hydraulic system of the mixer inspection provisions: 
1.When the force-taking work, which should be combined with smooth. And pressure should meet the design of the rated requirements, and it couldn’t leak. 
2.The hydraulic system parts should be complete intact, and the system work pressure should conform to the specification request. 
3.Hydraulic oil model, oil, the amount and use should comply with the relevant provisions. In addition, heat pump operating oil temperature should not exceed 80 ℃ with reliable pipeline connection. It should not rust, deformation, aging, breakage, and oil infiltration. 
4.The hydraulic control part of the movement ought to be flexible, and reliable connection.
Third, the safety of concrete mixer truck inspection: 
1.The hydraulic system should be equipped with a safety device to prevent overload and hydraulic impact; the adjustment pressure of the safety overflow valve shall not be greater than the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump. 
2.Small concrete mixer truck side, rear part of the protective device should be complete and intact. 
3. Small concrete mixer trucks ought to be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment.