Maintenance and repair of concrete batching plant in winter

       In general, it’s a serious challenge for cold weather conditions on the use of our concrete mixing plant equipment. In order to make the concrete mixing station in bad weather conditions for smooth use, we need customers and after-sales service engineers to master some of the necessary products in winter maintenance knowledge. Let’s talk about how to take care of our concrete mixer machine
In the first place, main points of winter maintenance of water supply system
1. The water pump needs to be lubricated periodically as required.
2. The water pump for a long time to stop using, it is necessary to put the pipe clean, such as the cut-off valve installed, especially pay attention to the emptying of the valve at the water.
3. The use of winter needs to ensure the normal flow of water in the pipe, in order to prevent freezing and increase the insulation pipeline.
4. Regularly check the water supply pipe joints, because the joints easily accumulate water.
5. For example, the case of water pump blocking the blade caused by the motor plugging, please immediately turn off the pump power. Moreover, hot water pump shell to melt the ice until the motor shaft can be free disk movement, and do not forced to open the pump to avoid damage to the parts.
Secondly, main points of winter maintenance for admixture system
1.Due to the cold weather, pay attention to pipe insulation and admixture tank insulation to prevent the admixture freeze, and bring inconvenience to the production;
2.If the long-term construction of the winter, it is necessary to let out the admixture of the admixture pipeline in order to prevent freezing or corrosion pipelines;
3.If the batching plant has not been in construction for a long time, before the construction, it is necessary to the admixture of admixtures in the tank first with an admixture pump circulation, to stir the admixture to prevent the admixture segregation.
4.Regular maintenance of admixture pumps, and regular lubrication. In the case of long-term use, the admixture pump admixture needs to clean up, to prevent icing and corrosion admixture pump.
5. Check the fittings of the admixture pipe regularly, because the joint is easy to accumulate additive.