For mini concrete mixer pump, how can we keep maintenance and repair?

       With the development of city construction, mini concrete mixer pump is welcomed by more and more construction personnel as the main construction machinery equipment. So how do we usually pay attention to the maintenance and repair of mini concrete mixer pump?
       To begin with, pay attention to whether there is wear: When the coating of the transport cylinder has not been worn out and the concrete piston in the rear of the water tank is the cement slurry or sand, which is to show that the piston has been worn. It needs to immediately replace the concrete seal, guide ring, and dust ring. Furthermore, checking the piston launch system water tank for inspection. Meanwhile, to maintain the piston on the concrete sealing body and guide ring clean and lubrication.
       Secondly, keep manual grease pump clean: For manual grease pump, to keep clean in each boot and after the end of the pump, and maintain manual grease pump storage tank filled with grease. Testing whether the full grease method is very simple, which just moves the grease pump handle. In addition, observing the stirring bearing and S tube size shaft head, if there are clean grease overflowing.
       Thirdly, pay attention to lubrication for arm, leg and turntable maintenance: There is the design of a special butter mouth in small concrete pump arm hinge joints, four legs, the connection shaft and turntable of the platform. It’s usually 60 hours per work to grease the butter mouth.