Which concrete mixer machine for sale is more suitable for customers to use?

JS1000 concrete mixer machine

Customers buying concrete mixer machine for two reasons, one is to use it in the project, for example, country houses, roads, and another use is used in engineering construction, such as large-scale construction, water conservancy project, high-speed rail project, or in commercial concrete mixing plant. So when facing a large number of concrete mixer machine for sale, if the customers just want to buy some for their own use, how should they choose?
Let us first look at the concrete mixer types: according to those stirring methods, it can be divided into self falling mixer and forced mixer. If you're interested in the way and the principles of these two mixers, you can view the working principle and characteristics of them.
After understanding the characteristics and working modes of the two types of mixers, you may understand why we recommend the JZ series self fall concrete mixer machine to the self use project.
In general, the reasons for the recommendation of this concrete mixer are in the following aspects.

JW350 concrete mixer

Small scale, simple structure, convenient for customers to use

Because the weight of the mixer is small and the equipment is single and efficient. Only need two or three people can loading, stirring, controlling, unloading and moving be finished. It saves human resources, reduces work complexity and facilitates control. If the construction is needed for long distance or high-rise building, a concrete pump can be rented and the construction can be carried out. In selection, we recommend JDC350 concrete mixer, the reason is that the price is cheap, the production efficiency is good.

JDC350 concrete mixer

Cheap and transport convenience

Compared with the forced type concrete mixer, the mixing quality and the mixing cycle are inferior, but the price and the mobility are obviously superior. The overall price of JZC series and JZM series concrete mixer machine for sale is much cheaper than that of forced mixer. And because of its small weight, it can be equipped with wheels for transportation and mobility. In construction, only the wheel should be removed, but the forced mixer must be fixed, and the installation and dismantling are all very troublesome.
If customers do not know which concrete mixer for sale they should choose, they can consult online or consult directly by telephone. Interested customers can take a look at some equipment and knowledge articles on the network, which will help us to improve product understanding and purchase concrete machinery that meets our needs.