JS750 concrete mixer machine introduction and price

35 cubic concrete mixing plant

35 cubic concrete mixing plant is also known as the small 35 concrete mixing plant.  Because the mixing host uses the JS750 concrete mixer, so it is also called 0.75 square concrete mixing plant. The mixing plant includes JS750 concrete mixer, PLD1200 three-bin batching machine, screw conveyor, water metering system, admixture metering system, cement silo, cement metering system, control system and simple operation room. The price is between 180,000 -250,000 RMB. The actual price of HZS35 concrete mixer machine plant depends on the number of configurations, there will be some differences in prices.
750 concrete mixer required advantages
1. Stir evenly
Several groups of mixing blades in the circular tank are staggered in space, so that the mixture can be stirred in the tube in turn, and the mixture can be stirred quickly and uniformly.
2. Compact structure
The discharge door of the JS750 concrete mixer is driven by the imported hydraulic system. Compared with the traditional drive form, it has the features of compact structure, stable operation, precise positioning of the door and so on.
3. Beautiful appearance
750 concrete mixer uses the classic yellow as the color of the product, noble and stable.
4. Good sealing
750 concrete mixer using three sealed and the aggregate rack seal and hydraulic system oil pump, can effectively prevent the main neck shaft from rapid wear and leakage phenomenon.
5. Short cycle time
Generally, the mixer blade rotation speed is 26 rev / min, Jianxin 750 mixer speed is 29.3 rev / min.
6.Easy operation
Jianxin JS750 concrete mixer whether it is feeding, unloading, or water supply, are highly automated, and all the motor control parts are in the electric box, safe and reliable, easy operation and maintenance.
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