Environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant has become the first choice

Environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant
In recent days, the management of concrete mixing plants has been in various parts of the country, and some mixing plants with serious dust pollution have been required to suspend business for rectification. In the future, if a new concrete mixing plant is to be constructed, environmentally-friendly equipment will become the first choice, mainly because of the following advantages:

1. Small pollution, more environmentally friendly

The environmental protection mixing plant provides strong guarantee for the production of green high performance concrete: closed green environmental protection sand and gravel weighing and conveying system minimizes noise pollution to the environment; negative pressure bag dust removal system completely solves dust in concrete production Problems such as flying, environmental pollution, effective energy conservation, and environmental protection; concrete separation and recycling equipment, adopt a three-dimensional arrangement to form a set of closed sewage treatment and sand, stone recycling system, so that all slurry water, waste recycling and reuse, to achieve zero emissions, thus minimize environmental pollution, truly save energy, and produce environmentally friendly and comfortable products.
Environmentally concrete mixing plant

2. Advanced and stable technology

 The environmental protection mixing plant seamlessly connects the GPS positioning, network management, vehicle dispatching, and the control system of the concrete mixing plant ensure that the vehicles are intelligently dispatched and the production is arranged, so that each instruction is optimized, thereby saving the waiting time for the vehicle, to avoid man-made omissions, so that the entire process (production, to the site, back to the factory, at the construction site, waiting for discharge) in order.

3. Reduce operating costs

 Environmentally-friendly concrete mixing plant equipment has high efficiency and low energy consumption: under standard conditions, it ensures that a stirring cycle is completed in 60 seconds, so that the productivity of the equipment is higher than 10% of the national standard; the aggregate only needs to be upgraded once, and the electronic control is used for energy-saving design to save 15% the power of the equipment. Can effectively reduce the user's operating costs.