How much is the price of mobile concrete batching plant made by manufacturers?

With the development of mobile concrete plants in the market of concrete batching machinery in recent years, more and more construction companies and some small and medium-sized commercial concrete batching plant enterprises are keen to use mobile concrete batching plant equipment. It has the same host model and configuration parameters as the ordinary concrete batching plant. It has high production efficiency and has movable characteristics. Especially suitable for projects with long periods and cross-regional construction.

mobile concrete batching plant

So for such mobile concrete batching plant which is both practical and durable, where is the manufacturer? How much is the price given by the manufacturer? At present, the products of different mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers has differences in the appearance structure, model division, etc. The price gap is large within different departments. Here mainly introduces the mobile concrete batching plant equipment of Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery.

mobile concrete batching plant

The new mobile concrete batching plant in Zhengzhou has mainly YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS75, and YHZS100 models. The smallest model has an output of 25 cubic meters per hour. The largest YHZS100 can produce 100 cubic meters of concrete. As for the price, the price of each type of equipment will be a slight higher than that of the ordinary concrete batching plant with the same output, and due to the configuration options such as the cement silo, batcher model, and control system, the user can flexibly select the price based on the actual order. You can directly contact the Jianxin machinery manufacturer, put up with the configuration requirements and then ask the price then.