PLD1600 concrete batching machine with automatic proportioning

PLD1600 concrete batching machine

The PLD1600 concrete batching machine manufactured by Jianxin Machinery can be used with various types of concrete mixers, and the free combination production efficiency is higher. The sales volume in the industry is far ahead.

concrete batching machine

This PLD1600 weighs 1600L and produces 75 cubic meters of production capacity. All the batching machines of Jianxin Machinery use the automatic batching system and the precise metering ratio. The PLD1600 can be formulated with 2-5 kinds of ingredients. The batching precision is controlled within 2%. In order to facilitate the loading of the operator, a movable top panel that can be adjusted in height or removed is designed, and the construction is simple and easy to operate.

PLD batching machine

Jianxin Machinery provides each customer with a personalized configuration plan to meet all the needs of the production and construction, and choose a cost-effective and practical equipment. Jianxin has always been implementing the service-oriented principle, thinking of customers, established service outlets throughout the country and abroad, to ensure that services come to the customer site as soon as possible. The products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions and have been well received both at home and abroad. Choosing batching machine, choose Jianxin machinery.