Measures to ensure product quality of Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete Batching Plants

The concrete quality control requires that the entire production personnel of the concrete mixing plant make joint efforts and cooperation. This requires the various departments to work together and do well their own job. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the concrete and smooth construction of the concrete, it is proposed to the dispatching department the following requirements :
1. Correctly fill in the concrete production task list to ensure that the production information is accurate;
2. Concrete transport time more than 1 hour must be clearly marked;
3. The relevant requirements put forward on the construction site shall be promptly and accurately notified to the technical department to meet the construction requirements;
4. Strictly control the frequency of the start of the concrete, control the interval between the start of the concrete and the time for the concrete to be poured;
6. When the concrete is delivered for more than 4 hours or near the initial setting time, the construction unit shall be promptly informed of the suspension of the construction, and the delay caused by the construction party, the remaining amount shall be signed by constructed Party; Inform the technology.
7. Feedback on the quality of concrete on the construction site. If there is no one on the spot, the dispatcher should know the relevant personnel in a timely manner: the driver of the concrete vehicle, the driver of the pump truck, etc., in order to truly and accurately understand the specific conditions of the construction site and handle relevant feedback in a timely manner.