Concrete batching plant daily maintenance precautions

The management of the equipment of the concrete batching plant determines whether it is safe, high-quality, efficient, and economical to provide commodity concrete. The factory should pay attention to the management and maintenance of the equipment. Now it is time to do maintenance and protection for your batching  plant. With regard to the daily maintenance of the batching  plant, some areas are easily be overlooked. 

Project of Concrete Batching Plant

Daily inspection project of concrete batching plant specific content includes:

1. Check the batching host lubrication system, grease is sufficient, manual lubrication point, need to be daily oiling.

2. Check the tension and wear of the main belt.

3. Check the gap between the host liner and the blade, the gap over the general assembly will aggravate the wear rate between them.

4. Check whether the flat belt and the inclined belt have any deviation. At the same time, all the rollers with the seat bearing need to be filled with lubricating oil.

5. Check the working condition of the air compressor. After every 50 hours of operation, open the drain valve at the bottom of the air compressor and at the bottom of the air tank, and let go of the water inside. Check the air compressor pressure is enough, the work value is maintained around 0.8MPa.

6. Check whether the unloading doors and weighing doors are working properly.

7. Check the electrical system, the sensor signal is normal, weighing system is accurate weighing.

8. Confirm that no maintenance personnel is performing maintenance work before starting the system. At the same time, press the alarm bell for at least 15 seconds. If the power supply to the control cabinet is disconnected, check whether the maintenance personnel are performing maintenance work to ensure safety.