Special advantages of dry mortar equipment

 dry mortar

Jianxin dry mortar complete sets of equipment have the following remarkable advantages compared with similar domestic products:
1. Good dispersion of dry mortar equipment
The interior of the dry-mix mortar equipment mixer adopts a special structural design, which can effectively disperse the polypropylene fiber and wood fiber, and completely solve the problems of segregation and fiber secondary agglomeration caused by the different proportions of the materials.
2. Wide range of dry mortar equipment
Dry mortar equipment can meet the production requirements of dry mortar for different performance requirements.
3 Dry mortar equipment is cost-effective.
Dry-mixed mortar complete sets of equipment are used for exterior wall insulation and decorative mortar production projects. They have the advantages of low investment and high efficiency, and avoid idle equipment and waste of resources due to excessive investment.
4. Dry-mixed mortar equipment is easy to use
Dry-mixed mortar complete sets of equipment have the advantages of small footprint, low energy consumption, easy operation, and can be directly installed and used without foundation. It can produce 3-5 tons per hour and needs only 3-6 workers.
Dry mortar mixing plant and concrete mixing plant are basically the same in terms of structure and station building, but in terms of actual conditions, the difference between the two is still very large. If you want to know more about it, contact with us.