How to properly maintain the mixer paint surface

 concrete mixer truck paint

The mixer paint the general knowledge :

       For the mixer truck, the paint work is not only decorative, but also has anti-corrosion, anti-rust, high and low temperature resistance, stain resistance, impact resistance and other protective properties. Therefore, car paint is not only a simple layer like furniture paint, but generally consists of a phosphating film, an electrophoretic layer, a middle paint, a color paint layer and a varnish layer. Phosphating film and electrophoretic layer belong to the primer, and the paint and varnish layers belong to the topcoat.
       Metallic paint: Also known as metallic flash paint, it is a popular painter's finish. Its paint base is added with fine aluminum particles. After the light hits the aluminum particles, it is reflected by the aluminum particles through the gas film. Therefore, it looks as if the metal is shining. By changing the shape and size of the aluminum particles, the flash of the metallic glitter film can be controlled. Outside the metallic paint, a layer of varnish is added to protect it.
       Pearlescent paint: also known as mica paint, a popular automotive finish. Its principle is basically the same as metallic paint. It uses mica instead of aluminum. Its paint base is added mica pigment coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide. After the light hits the mica particles, the color of titanium dioxide and iron oxide is firstly applied, and complex refraction and interference occur in the mica particles. At the same time, mica itself has a special, transparent color. In this way, the reflected light has a pearl-like flash. Moreover, the titanium dioxide itself has a yellow color, which changes to a light blue color when viewed obliquely, and has different colors when viewed from different angles.
       In addition to the high hardness, metal paint also expresses the performance of the body level. Another reason for the increasing popularity of “metallic paints” is that they incorporate metal powders. With metal components, the hardness of the paint increases, and the paint surface becomes harder and less likely to be scratched.
       Some plain paints are not metal paints, white, black, big red, and yellow. The paints of these colors cannot add silver powder. After the silver powders are added, the colors that appear are not the original positive colors, and the white color will change. Pearl white and black become carbon black with light, red becomes so-called burgundy, and yellow turns golden.

How to maintain a new mixer truck paint?

       Although there is no aging problem in the paint surface of the new concrete mixer truck, it should be thoroughly protected before use. Because the paint has been exposed to the air from the production area to the parking lot, and it has been attacked by rain and dust, and has begun to oxidize. Prompt and correct maintenance will make the painter's car paint very well protected.