Concrete mixer technology advantages

The concrete mixer has a reasonable structure design, with a series of advantages such as good quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, durability and practicality. Moreover, the price of the mixer is favorable, which is a choice of cost-effective equipment.

concrete mixer Jianixin

Concrete mixer, including stirring, feeding, water supply, unloading and electrical five major components. The components of the system are equipped with high-quality components, the whole equipment performance is superior, reliable and durable, but also has the function of anti-knocking. The concrete mixer discharge height has three kinds:1.6m, 2.7m, 3.8m. They can meet the requirements of different users, and the purchase of users can also be equipped with a dump truck or concrete mixing conveyor such as little concrete mixer truck. 1.6m discharge height can be directly matched with concrete pump.

concrete mixers

The advantages of concrete mixers in terms of technology, configuration, quality, etc.:

1. It adopts the hydraulic door-opening type discharging, avoiding the disadvantages of rotating the tank-type discharging raw material;

2. The original imported welding robots in Europe are manufactured to ensure the stability of welding quality;

3. Advanced integrated shaft mixer technology to simplify the equipment structure and reduce the failure rate;

4. High wear-resistant alloy stirring arm, strong impact resistance, eliminate the fracture phenomenon;

5. Sandblasting process, and spray the import of marine paint, the effect of durability, corrosion resistance.

6. Strict inspection of six processes to ensure the quality of each mixer factory.