Which “pits” should be avoided when buy concrete batching plant equipment?

        To a large extent, to avoid talking about the price of quality (quality and configuration). In general, for a set of tens of hundreds or even thousands of millions of concrete mixing plant equipment, many customers are up to ask the price first, and the price is inconsistent with the expectations of “direct free talk”. Moreover, some people are only up on the price, and the price of the direct is “cut off”, which creates an opportunity for unscrupulous small factories and even “second-hand companies”. These small factories and “second-hand companies” usually use low prices to “cover” the customers, because the low price is not available on the market they have acquired, and then finding ways to let them play.

        After the collection will give them “subtraction” to their device configuration and verbal commitment to the fundamental inconsistency. Furthermore, the contract is deliberately written on the relatively simple. Even verbal can not promise they will deliberately blur the customer's attention, which is not to the topic. In the future, it is difficult to use after the reduction of the products, which can barely work hard for a while it is good. What’s worse, shipping is not a complete package, and many important parts make customers buy with extra money by themselves.