How to distinguish the quality of concrete batching plant?

         In order to promote the development of modernization, roads, bridges and water conservancy are all being built on a large scale in all parts of the country. Then the concrete is widely used in these infrastructures and concrete mixing plant equipment are also shown especially essential in this process. At present, most people are aware of the use of concrete batching plant, but they know little about how to judge the quality of the concrete mixing plant. However, the quality of concrete mixing plant is related to the quality and output of concrete. Moreover, it is closely related to the progress of the project. 

Consequently, to give your finishing nine tricks and teach you to distinguish the difference of concrete mixing plant quality.
1. The transmission system should be flexible, and there is no abnormal noise.
2. Supporting the installation of the line must be reasonable, the installation of the equipment must be correct.
3. If the blender self-falling mixer drum that the discharge buckle radial runout does not exceed 1% of the diameter of the inlet, you need to check the quality of the stirrer shaker screen steel and reasonable screen and mesh feet, and check the screen installation accuracy.
4. The quality of cement tank is qualified.
5.The belt Screw Conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilevered drag and other drives need to be smooth with flexible operation and no abnormal noise, in addition, there is no card chain.
6. The safety valve can not leak phenomenon.
7. The measurement system inspection is also very vital. Furthermore, remembering  to check the measurement system sensitivity and accuracy.
8. To reduce the temperature of the machine and you should also pay attention to meet the requirements of the book on the temperature.
9. The measuring hopper into and out of material must be smooth, and there is no plot, spill and so on.

      In a word, in the field of concrete construction is widely used today, the choice of concrete mixing plant must be kept in mind in order to ensure the quality of the project.