China is expected to upgrade in the highly competitive machinery and equipment industry

       As the process of China Manufacturing 2025 continues to advance, some industries represented by machinery and equipment, new materials and information technology are expected to be benefited firstly. At present, the competition among the machinery and equipment industries in our country is getting fiercer and fiercer, and most of the regions are making plans for the healthy development of the machinery industry.
       Machinery and equipment is one of the areas directly benefited from the 2025 manufacturing in China. Relevant plans are considered to promote the upgrading of consumption and lead the equipment manufacturing enterprises to take the initiative to improve the performance, functions and technological level of equipment products with the guidance of the consumer market in the mid-to-high-end expansion so as to prompt the upgrading of the entire manufacturing industry chain made in China.
       As a basic industry of the national economy, the development of the machinery manufacturing industry directly affects the development of all sectors of the national economy, as well as the strengthening of the people’s livelihood and national defense. Therefore, all countries regard the development of machinery manufacturing industry as the top priority. With the increasingly fierce competition in the international market of mechanical products, all major companies have injected high-tech into the development of mechanical products as an important means to win the competition.
       In 2016, the major economic indicators of China’s machinery industry generally rose faster than expected from the beginning of last year. According to the analysis, in 2017, the machinery industry is expected to maintain steady growth with the adjustment of industrial structure. Furthermore, in terms of the latest statistics, from January to May 2017, the overall economic operation of the machinery industry remained stable with the growth rate retreating at a high level. Among the major categories of industries, the automobile manufacturing industry continued to lead the growth of the entire industry. From January to May, the industrial added value of the industry increased by about 13% over the same period last year, which is 2.5 percentage points higher than the average level of the machinery industry. However, although it can rely on the sale of natural resources for some time, it can not be turned into a success without strong industry as a support. 
        In general, Shandong Province is not far behind. In 2016, Shandong Machinery Industry realized main business income about 2.78 trillion yuan, accounting for 18.5% of the above-scale industries, which is an vital engine for promoting industrial growth. Currently, a total of 14 projects in the province have obtained the special support of national intelligent manufacturing, and the total number and total amount of funds rank the forefront in the country.
        To sum up, at present, construction machinery enterprises also face many challenges, especially the concrete mixer machine. Big data enterprises are still in the 2.0 and 3.0 industries. Moreover, smart factories invest more funds and increase costs by leaps and bounds. Secondly, intelligent products require smart sensor devices, which costs are increased and the reliability is also a long-term process. I believe that under the guidance of the state’s “Made in China 2025” strategy, through the deepening cooperation and continuous exploration of construction machinery enterprises and the Internet companies, it will surely make intelligent and mobile Internet application of construction machinery well oriented towards smart applications based on Chinese characteristics.