Main points of mobile concrete mixing plant of winter construction

       According to the characteristics of mobile concrete mixing plant, the main stirring host is located in the mixing building. You must close the concrete mixing plant around the tight when the arrival of winter. Furthermore, using the internal heat pipe heating, and the specific number of installed heat pipe in terms of the temperature (or install the radiator). In addition, before the concrete mixer starts, it is necessary to check whether the components are flexible, heating the mixer reducer and preventing the start-up load from burning the control apparatus.
Two problems should be noticed in the production of concrete mixing station:
1. Measuring Equipment
The metering equipment of concrete batching plant should be calibrated periodically to ensure the accuracy, especially for the admixture measurement.
2. Mixing time
The mixing time of concrete is related to the strength and uniformity of concrete, and the optimum stirring time should be chosen from many experiments and production practice. Moreover, the mixing time is too short having a great effect on the homogeneity of concrete. Besides, it will produce bleeding and segregation phenomenon if the mixing time is too long .